Cavalry Shank Bit


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  • SKU: TBBIT38CS70
  • Size: ONE SIZE
  • Color: ONE COLOR

This Calvary cheek is designed for the finished performance horse or tough-mouthed older horses where more control is needed. It can be used as a schooling bit to get a horse that is not responding to milder bits to collect and break at the poll. It is also often used in competition, and should not be used for daily training. The purchase is 2-1/2" and the shank 5-1/2". The Cavalry designed shank is angled back to the horse, but at a straighter angle than the 7-1/2" model, causing a quicker, more immediate response. The purchase and shank alignment ratio increases leverage, creating greater realized pressure to all points of contact. Side of the mouth move independently for lateral control and flexion for lifting the shoulder, achieving collection, and promoting a level headset.